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Do you wish to add some spice to your holiday vacation? You could never go wrong with a golf cart rental in Safety Harbor, FL. It comes with all the convenience and fun that could make a difference. From the sun’s rays hitting your skin to the sea breeze combing through your hair freely, it sounds dreamy and a scene from a movie. Beach Ride Rental is ready to take your Florida vacation to a new level with top-notch golf cart rentals.


Search No Further For Golf Cart Rental in Safety Harbor, FL!

Whether you want to bring your friends or family members along, all you have to do is make your reservations online and get around hassle-free. We strive to make your trip as unique as possible as you join millions of tourists at the fantastic sites. Our services are tailored to your needs. You say it, and we deliver as we have done for thousands of our customers.

Why Is Everyone Considering Golf Carts In Safety Harbor Florida?

You can choose to rent an expensive SUV or opt for taxis, but here is why golf carts are becoming a must-have for tourists:

Hop in and out at your convenience

You can use our golf carts to get around quickly and without using much of your energy. This enables you to make the most of your trip without wasting time with the notorious Florida traffic. Besides, you will access areas that a larger vehicle cannot. Don’t let the inconveniences come between your great time at Safety Harbor. You will also get a chance to visit more places by saving time on an always available ride. There is more. You can carry along any items you will need during the day, like your water bottles, coolers, umbrella, and ocean toys for the kids. Even if you get too engrossed in your day and the sun goes down, you can still utilize headlights.

Go green with golf carts

Everyone is looking for a way to go green these days, and our vacations don’t have to be an exception. Most golf carts run on electricity and batteries with zero emissions to minimize carbon footprint. Depending on the cart you choose, you may even go for twenty-four kilometers before needing a charge. However, gasoline-powered cars emit emissions but considerably less than an SUV or car. 

Cost-effective solution

These trips are amazing but let’s face it. We would probably make them every weekend if it were not up to our finances. If you are budget-savvy, you could spend more on other things like the alfresco dining and treating your loved ones to indigenous dishes.

Perfect for families

If your children or seniors are coming on the trip with you, they will not be able to walk long distances. They may be left out since they can’t access most places like everyone else. Our golf cart rentals eliminate mobility issues; you will thank yourself later!

Effortless to use

It’s easy as pie to ride golf carts. It comes down to turning the key, pressing the accelerator pedal, and Safety Harbor, here we come. Did we say it’s fun? Because it is.

Where Can You Visit With Golf Carts In Safety Harbor?

There are dozens of sites to visit, but here are a few to consider:


Philippe Park

If you’re looking for the oldest park in the County, the 122-acre Phillippe park is it. You can take the walkway as the breeze gives you time to reflect. It was initially home to a Native American population.

Crooked Thumb Brewery

If discovering new tastes in new places is one of your objectives, how about a sample of Florida’s beer? You can also go through the beer-making process to the bottling. Crooked Thumb Brewery is also popular for its events. These include quiz nights, pizza nights made by Doughbie Brother Pizza, and live music performances from the Cadillac Cowboys. When it comes to any event, Florida knows how to do it grand; watch out for the next event to find out. The place is also rentable for your celebrations on your vacation.


Art lovers can take their love for color and patterns to the house-turned art exhibition by Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda. It is a worthwhile experience for adults and children, and everywhere you look, you can’t help but wonder about the creativity and mystery behind the creations. Remember Charlie and the Chocolate factory? That’s a picture of what to expect but with more fun.

Tampa Bay Downs

Is your vacation complete without horse racing? Unless horses don’t take your fancy, you should take your trip to the Tampa Bay Downs. You can also do a little bit of poker or watch a live race. But if horses are way too fast for you, you can dance to the beats of your music at the golf club. This place neighbors resorts and hotels, so you have everything you need close by.

Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club

Nothing rekindles your old friendship with mates than a face-off at a Golf club. The golf club features an incredible backdrop if you love nature. It is a par-69 course with 12 holes, 70 sand traps, and two-tiered greens on a 140-acre land.

Why Choose Beach Ride Rental For Your Needs?

Excellent customer service

We have served Safety Harbor and beyond with reliable golf cart rental services. Our support lines are always on, so you can effortlessly reach us for any assistance. Our online booking systems are fast and convenient with our bug-free site. 

High-quality golf carts

We can guarantee a seamless experience in using our top-notch carts. They are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure they can serve our customers with satisfaction. We also have a variety, so you can choose the one that speaks to your taste, style, and needs. Ride in style with us!

Make your order for as long as you want

We understand that there are so many tourist attractions in Safety Harbor, that is why we don’t pose restrictions on time. Be sure to notify us on our website or speak to our professionals to avoid inconveniences due to the increasing booking list.

Wish to visit the Safety Harbor for your holiday vacation?

A golf cart rental in Safety Harbor FL could help you maximize the most of your trip with convenience and affordability. Our services are the best across Florida, and our reputation has made us the go-to company for your cart rental needs. Our state-of-the-art carts are inspected in advance to avoid issues down the road. Get in touch today to book yours!

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