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Beach Ride Rental Locally Owned And Operated

We are committed to ensuring the best beachside experience in the Tampa Bay Area. At Beach Ride Rentals, we do this the only way we know how to, by providing the best street legal golf carts to travel the beach cities and make the most of your vacation.

We customize our service specifically to our clients, offering several state-of-the-art street legal golf carts to suit your needs and ensure you have the best time on the beach with your loved ones.


What We Stand For

Our Mission

Beach Ride Rental is locally owned and operated. The idea for the company first came about when our founder observed the hassle that visitors and locals, alike, faced when sometimes visiting far-apart attractions of the numerous beaches in Tampa, Florida.

In this way, a dream was seen and a plan was made to enhance the beach experience of our clients by providing an unsurpassed means of mobility and comfort when visiting any of the attractions of the beach cities.

It is to further this goal that we provide the best golf cart rental in the Tampa Bay Area, catering to all the major scenes and locations in Florida—and offer local golf cart pickup & delivery to each of our customers, taking the time to transport our street legal golf carts directly to your location and pick it up at the end of the rental period just so you don’t have to sweat the details and can spend as much time as possible with your loved ones, cruising through.

Our Promise

We prioritize our clients, and so our promise has always been to provide the best street legal golf carts and grant the mobility and sense of freedom that only the feel of the wind in your hair can provide.

What We Offer

Customer satisfaction is one of our defining goals. To meet your needs, we offer a varied number of carts chosen for their quality and durability to cater to any group size. You can be sure of our golf cart rentals for your beach time fun with us.

Our carts are effortless to use even with no experience, as they are primed with either gas or electrical energy. They allow you to save a small fortune in fuel and make the most of your vacation, as you won’t have to waste time searching for a place to park the vehicle.

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Beach Ride Rental aims to provide the best golf cart rental in Tampa Bay Area to improve your experience with your friends and loved ones by providing unsurpassed mobility and comfort when you visit the scenes in Tampa, Florida.

To reserve access to the best street legal golf cart rentals in the Tampa Bay Area, contact Beach Ride Rental today at:

Email: beachriderental@gmail.com

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