Rules and Regulations

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The majority of our reservations are made weeks, months or more in advance. We recommend making a reservation as early as you make your housing accommodations. Due to high demand, we sell out quickly.
Keep in mind that we ONLY Pick-up and Deliver to the LISTED LOCATIONS.
Reservations require a full payment upfront. Full payment is taken at the time of the reservation. All rental reservations can be cancelled with a 15% cancellation fee. All payments are non-refundable after 48 hours.
Phone Operating Hours : 8am – 5pm
There is a %6 Online Booking fee that will be processed at checkout
To inquire about reservation availability please complete the form on the “contact us” page or call (727)-239-9626. If unable to reach us by phone please leave a voicemail or text message and we will contact you within a few hours.
  • We will reach out to confirm availability and gather your payment information. Reservations are not complete until you have made payment arrangements, and complete rental agreement with us.
  • A few days prior to your arrival expect to receive a text/e-mail from us asking for personal information that allows us to prepare your contract and paperwork ahead of time.
  • Please be aware that carts must be picked up during our posted business hours. Staff does not come in or drop carts off after hours. We must see you in person to release the cart. Please plan accordingly and secure rental dates that will ensure you can arrive during our business hours. We do not offer a refund or credit if you arrive after hours on your pickup day.
  • The Customer will pay the entire payment amount upfront and prior to taking possession of the Golf Cart.  Beach Ride Rental will keep a copy of the Customer’s credit card on file for the duration of the rental term.
  • When you pickup your cart we will review the rules. Please feel free to ask any questions and or recommendations. We love to share information.
  • All carts must be available for pick-up between 1pm-4pm on Last Day of rental OR 9am the following day.
  • Weight limit for 6 passenger carts is 1,200 pounds maximum.
  • Drivers must be twenty-five (21) years of age, or older. Under no circumstances may anyone not a party to this Agreement, or otherwise under 21 years of age, operate the Golf Cart.
  • Abiding by all traffic laws including seat belts and child safety seats.
  • Parking only in legally designated areas / spaces.
  • No reckless driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or substances.
  • No driving on beaches/sidewalks or bike paths.
  • Weight limit for 4 passenger carts is 800 pounds maximum.
  • Do not go on any road that has a speed limit over 35 mph.
  • You are responsible for the cost and service fee for any flat tire.
  • You are responsible for any cart damage.
  • You are responsible for any city and or state citation.
  • All payments are non-refundable. All rental sales are final rain or shine.
  • Unless the Customer obtains prior written consent of Beach Ride Rental, the Customer will not alter, modify, or attach anything to the Golf Cart unless the altercation, modification, or attachment is easily removable without damaging the functional capabilities or economic value of the Golf Cart.


What are the requirements to rent a cart?

The primary renter, or contract holder, must be at least 21 years old, have a valid drivers license, credit, and an auto insurance policy. Any additional drivers must be 21 years old and possess a valid drivers license.

Where can I drive the cart?

Street legal golf carts are permitted to drive on any road that the speed limit is 35 mph or under. Carts are not permitted on the beaches, sidewalks, or bike paths.

What is your cancellation policy?

For cancellation, you will need to cancel 48 Hours through email, automated system or just give us a call

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