Going on holiday may require you to rent a golf cart, which will facilitate your movements. If you’ve never rented a golf cart before, you may be wondering about the process and what is required of you.

Well, at the Beach Ride Rental Company, our street legal golf cart rental process is simple, sweet, and short. All you need to do is find us, and we shall guide you through the process.

Beach Ride Golf Cart Rentals is a golf cart rental service providing quality golf carts on hire. We have streamlined the Tampa Bay golf cart rental service for you, ensuring that you get your golf cart without any delays.

Golf carts are no longer just for the golf course. They are now popular on campuses, streets, beaches, and malls. Golf cart rental prices are also cheaper in comparison to other modes of transport.


Here’s Our Rental Process:

Start By Identifying Your Requirements

Most Tampa Bay golf cart rental services offer a variety of options. You can choose golf carts of various sizes that can fit from two to eight people.

Some street legal golf cart rental services have models with various features like Bluetooth speakers and LED lights.

All models are priced differently, so be sure to visit a variety of dealerships to compare golf cart rental prices and pick the most affordable golf cart rental service.

To choose the right model to fit your needs, always visit your local Tampa Bay golf cart rental to view the available models.


Ensure To Book Early

Beach Ride Golf Cart Rentals caters to several events causing demand to exceed supply. This is especially so in the summer months. This is why it is important to book early.

Get in touch with a customer care agent from your local dealership to get information on golf cart rental prices and available models before they sell out.


Complete The Required Documentation

Once you choose your preferred model, street legal golf cart rentals services require you to fill out a lease agreement. This shows that you have agreed to the terms and conditions that come with renting a golf cart.

Signing this document also guarantees Beach Ride Golf Cart Rentals that you have read and will abide by the rules and regulations of the dealership.     You are also required to provide your driving license and proof of insurance to the dealership. Kindly go through our rules and regulations at this point, to understand what is expected of you.


Arrange For Delivery and Pick Up

Delivery and Pick Up golf cart rentals will take the time to drop off and pick up their golf carts at your desired locations, saving you the hassle.

At the Beach Ride Rental company, we do pick up and deliver from any of the following locations:


Going on Vacation?

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Beach Ride Rental Company. We would love to serve you. Our street legal golf cart rental process is extremely simple. Please contact us today!