Planning on hitting the beach this autumn? Taking a fall beach vacation with Beach Ride Rentals golf carts is bound to elevate your experience.

Packing well for your trip is extremely important. Most people are usually stuck while packing, wondering what to take and what to leave behind. You probably have seen most women with six suitcases for a 2-day holiday. Well, this is primarily because they do not know how to pack for a vacation. Do not worry! We have some tips for you!

Beach Ride Rental is a golf cart rental service that leases state-of-the-art street legal golf carts in Dunedin, Florida. We provide weekly golf cart rentals at affordable prices to help you move around quickly and make the most of your trip.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when packing for a fall beach vacation with Beach Ride Rental:


Packing Right

What you pack and how much you pack depends on how long the trip will be, how many people are going, and what activities you plan on doing.

Always visit your local street legal golf cart rental services to understand the activities you are likely to do while on holiday, which should determine what to pack.

When planning your vacation, always choose a lightweight bag and only pack the essentials. The bag should be preferably waterproof to keep your belongings from getting wet.

If you require to walk over long distances with heavy luggage, pick wheeled bags to help ease the weight. You can also hire a golf cart from our affordable golf cart rental service to move you around while on the beach.

Here are a few packing tips:

Shade – Go for large umbrellas that are stored in bags and have handles instead of carrying a large tent. If you are in a large group, then go for several umbrellas.

Beach Chairs – If you are taking your chair with you, consider one that has a backpack component. This makes it easy to strap on and carry it around the beach, to and from.

Coolers – When planning a full day on the beach, using a large-rowed cooler will help you move it around. Ensure to have some ice packs frozen in the cooler for a hot day on the beach.


Renting The Right Golf Cart

Golf carts are the best way to move around the beach. State-of-the-art street legal golf carts from Beach Ride Rentals are easy to rent and operate. Their small size also makes it easy to find parking spaces quickly and maneuver them through traffic.

Golf cart rental companies offer weekly golf cart rentals and also hourly rentals. Depending on how long you want to stay, you can opt for short or long-term golf cart rentals.

All Beach Ride street legal golf cart rentals have a variety of golf carts ranging from four to six seats. Always choose a large size to accommodate you, your group, and your luggage.


What To Know Before Renting A Cart

It is essential to look into the rules and regulations of street legal golf cart rentals services before signing any lease agreements. These rules are meant to ensure your safety and streamline the booking and return process.

Beach Ride street legal golf cart rentals require all drivers to be 25+ years, and they should also abide by all the rules and regulations. You should also ensure to park in legally designated spaces and avoid roads that have a speed limit of over 35mph.

To guarantee a safe experience in your state-of-the-art street legal golf carts, always ensure you wear a seatbelt and never drive under the influence of alcohol or substances.


Are You Going on Holiday?

A fall beach vacation with Beach Ride Rentals will make you happy! Book a ride with us today and enjoy the best that golf carts have to offer. We also serve the following areas:

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