As you know, renting the best golf carts in the Tampa Bay Area while on your beach vacation offers the best way to maximize your time and have as much fun as possible while navigating the various areas you wish to visit.

The one thing that most people wonder about is how much golf carts cost. Do the costs vary depending on how many people can fit in the golf cart? And many others. These are valid points regarding street-legal golf cart rentals.

Beach Ride Rental is a locally owned and operated company with the best street-legal golf cart rentals in the Tampa Bay Area. Our goal is to enhance your beach experience by providing an unsurpassed means of mobility and comfort when visiting any of the attractions of the beach cities.

We provide the following:

Plenty goes into street-legal golf cart rental prices, and we have evaluated all of these factors to ensure you have the most favorable price for your golf cart rental.


The Average Rate Of Renting a Street-legal Golf Cart

On average street-legal golf cart rental prices in the Tampa Bay Area are around $90 per day for a four-passenger golf cart. Six-passenger carts are, on average, around $108 per day.


Delivery Fees

Most companies will charge you a delivery fee for your long-term golf cart rental and short-term golf cart rentals, which can range between $40 to $90, depending on the delivery location.

The fees are also unique for each cart that is rented. If you and your family would love to rent more than one golf cart, the delivery cost will also be a bit higher.



Insurance is optional for street-legal golf cart rentals, but it should be something you consider whenever you rent a golf cart, especially if it will have multiple drivers. Also, check out the rules and regulations, as these govern how you use the golf cart.

The golf cart rental rates for insurance range between $15 and $18 a day. As with the delivery fees, the insurance also applies to the specific golf cart rental and whether or not you have rented multiple golf carts simultaneously.


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