The cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg are one of the best places to visit as a senior citizen. Here, you get to see one of the most beautiful parks, clear white sand beaches, and intriguing historical locations. Coupled with the lovely scenery, Tampa and St. Petersburg also have several fun activities that are perfect for senior citizens.

Here are 5 fun activities for seniors in Tampa and St. Petersburg.


5 Fun Activities for Senior Seniors to Enjoy

Seniors are now more aware of how to live a fun, healthy, and independent lifestyle than years ago. So, they enjoy partaking in outdoor activities instead of just sitting in care homes and facilities. These are fun activities for seniors in Tampa and St. Petersburg to try out:-

Visit the Farmers Market

The local farmers market is great for finding new treats during the spring and summer. As a senior, you’ll get to mingle and taste new foods and fruits.

While so many markets pop up in Tampa, you will find affordable golf cart rental services to drive around when you visit these markets.

Enjoy the National Parks

There are several parks in Tampa and St. Petersburg that offer free entrance these days. Going to a park will help you stay active and social. In addition, you’ll get to make memories and meet others who came to have fun too.

Attend a Senior Expo

The Tampa area hosts amazing Senior Expos yearly, and it’s a great way to enjoy your day. Most of the vendors around usually give freebies to seniors, so you sure won’t leave there empty-handed. You can find out when the next Expo will be held and rent golf carts from Beach Ride Rentals.

Drive Along the Beach

Tampa and St. Petersburg have one of the most picturesque beach settings and are the best location for seniors to stay active. You can take a walk or drive a golf cart along the beach length with state-of-the-art street-legal golf carts available for rent. Using a golf cart allows you to carry enough supplies to the beach and also gives room for your family to tag along.

Play Golf

The high-quality golf resorts in Tampa make it a perfect location for a golf vacation. You can challenge yourself to a match or enjoy the scenery, the choice is yours. With an affordable golf cart rental service, you can easily move about the golf course and see places you’ll love.


Street-Legal Golf Cart Rentals for Seniors

Driving a golf cart is a great way to have a stress-free and fun outing and is also a way to move around safely as a senior citizen. We hope you get to enjoy the list of fun activities for seniors in Tampa and St. Petersburg we have recommended for you.

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