Well, it’s official! Fall is here, the football season is already in full swing, and the leaves have started to change. The weather is a little cooler, but Halloween is just around the corner. Who doesn’t love Halloween?

Our 5-easy Halloween decoration ideas for street-legal golf carts will make your vacation so much fun! You get to move around all month long in our unique state-of-the-art street-legal golf carts that are as spooky as the season.

Golf carts are great accessories for moving around while on vacation, and with our decorations, you can get around the Tampa Bay area, sharing the love and scaring everyone around.

The Beach Ride Rental Company is your go-to for all golf cart rentals for a holiday. We have the best golf cart just for you, and we can make your Halloween holiday even better and filled with comfort for you and your family.

We have the best long-term golf cart rentals, with delivery and pickup of golf carts. When you reach out to us, we shall ensure you get what you need for the entire duration of your Halloween vacation.

Our Decorating Tips and Tricks

Decorating for Halloween is all about sticking to the theme, which is always ‘SCARY.’ Your golf cart should be able to showcase your personality and love for this season. Plan your holiday stay with a golf cart rental that’s tasteful…, err, yet scary! Here are some ideas:


Place a Cardboard On Both Sides Of Your Golf Cart To Create The Idea Of A Spooky Hearse

Hearses represent death, and that is what Halloween is all about. Our beach ride street legal golf cart rental will easily define a hearse when well decorated. You will be amazed at how scary it will look.


Spread Some Fake Cobwebs On Your Golf Cart

Cobwebs are so scary. Our street-legal golf carts have enough space for you to show your creativity. Add red ink to represent blood so you can get even more spooky on the golf cart.


Put Up Some Ghouls And Goblins All Over The Golf Cart

Is it even Halloween without some goblins and ghouls? Add these with your kids to the golf cart during your holiday beach vacation with a Beach Ride rental, and you will end up with a pretty scary golf cart and also get to enjoy some fun times with the family.


Cover The Golf Cart With Fake Bones And Skeletons

Bones and skeletons are perfect for Halloween! With our Beach Ride street-legal golf cart rentals, you will enjoy driving around with your bones and skeletons. You will have a better time getting the skeletons and bones to move around.


Cover The Golf Cart With Blood And Really Bring On The Scary

This simply means using red ink all over the golf cart, and you have to make it look dripping. You could have one of your kids lie down with the ink coming out of their mouth. Just perfect and scary, and perfect for golf cart rentals for a holiday.


Rent A Street-Legal Golf Cart For Halloween From Us!

The Beach Ride Rental Company has the best Halloween decorations for golf carts, and in Tampa, you will have the best of times. Trust us to make your vacation worthwhile. Enjoy all the parties and festivities with our golf carts. We offer the following services:

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