When planning your next Clearwater beach Christmas vacation, you can partake in many activities to ensure that your family and friends have a memorable time. Part of planning the vacation should include transportation and how easily your family will travel to areas with limited car access.

At Beach Ride Rentals, we offer our clients the best golf cart rentals in Clearwater, and our goal is to make your beach vacation memorable, fun, and exciting with our excellent golf carts. Whether you want to rent the golf cart for a few hours or days, we got you covered, and our golf cart rental prices are reasonable. Here are some top-notch benefits of golf cart rentals on a beach vacation.


Accessible and Quick Movement 

Imagine walking your entire trip because cars are not allowed on the beach you are vacationing. One of the benefits of golf cart rentals is that they can help you move around the beach and experience new areas. Walking can be tiring, but with a golf cart, you can navigate down the coast and enjoy the scenery.

The golf carts allow you to move around swiftly, and with headlights, you can still travel around the beach, even at night. This is also good if you have someone who is elderly or physically challenged; they can also move around the beach with ease and get to enjoy the vacation.


Carry Items All at Once

Another benefit of golf cart rental is carrying necessary items while moving around the beach. Golf carts make carrying things such as umbrellas, towels, ocean toys, and other necessities easier. Moreover, you can use the golf cart to go shopping with your loved ones without relying on cars or carrying them by hand.


Environmental Friendly

On a beach vacation, you want to ensure that you care for the environment. At the same time, have a fun time at the beach. Years ago, most golf carts operated on gas, which harmed the environment and the creatures around the beach. At Beach Ride Rentals, we have electric golf carts that can hold a charge for several hours. Using electric carts helps curb emissions which will be helpful to the environment in the long run. Additionally, our golf carts are fitted with bins, so you won’t have to litter the beach. As a result, it helps to keep the beach clean and attractive.

Renting a golf cart when on vacation can be a great way to move around the beach and carry your necessity. With all the benefits of golf cart rentals, consider hiring one from us next time you go for a vacation. Our golf cart rental prices are friendly, and we provide you with golf carts that are in excellent condition; hence won’t be a nuisance when using them.

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