When on vacation for Christmas in Dunedin, hire a golf cart for more effortless movement and navigation along the streets. Spicing up your golf cart with a Christmas theme might be a fun activity to engage with your loved ones. Some decorations consume a lot of time, while some are easy to put up and done in minutes.

At Beach Ride Rental, we have a golf cart that can be rented for either short or long-term golf cart rentals for our Dunedin clients. Some golf carts accommodate up to eight people. Additionally, we offer affordable golf car rental prices for all our clients. Here are some tips on decorating your golf cart for a festive look.


Add Lights to the Golf Cart

When driving your cart in the evening along a street on Christmas Eve, you want to ensure that it is the center of attraction. Depending on your preference, you can add glow lights in different colors or use party lights. Moreover, choose catchy colors, e.g., green lights look marvelous on a red golf cart.


Make Unique Decorations for Your Kid

When on vacation with your babies, they need to enjoy themselves as much as you do. Wondering how to decorate your golf cart for a festive look that suits your kids? You can decorate the cart using candy land sponge bob or any cartoon character you like. In addition, you can make a little Disney world on top of the golf cart. However, when decorating, use materials that won’t leave scratches on the cart when removed.


Use Christmas Snowflake Window Cling Stickers

The best thing about these decals is that they come in many pieces and are easy to put on anything. As a result, these stickers will work best for the windshield of the golf cart. Sometimes you might be required to put water behind the sticker when adhering to it, and it will stick. Additionally, the bows are suitable, especially when you want to make your cart look like a giant Christmas gift.


Make it Funnier and Bubbly

Using the right color combo to decorate can be too basic. You can use crashing color combos to make your cart funny. The best part of Christmas is people give out gifts; you can set up a funny snowman or Christmas Santa carrying gifts for your loved ones. This will make the decoration funny and, at the same time, adorable.

Deciding how to decorate your golf cart for a festive look can be daunting, but browsing online and visiting different blog pages can make the task easier. When decorating a rented golf cart, use suitable materials such as command strips or clotheslines. However, you will need to avoid using materials that damage the golf cart, as you will incur extra charges. We have decoration experts who will advise you to make your festive decoration a success.

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