In the wake of Hurricane Ian, which wreaked havoc in Florida, understanding pre-hurricane street legal cart prep is vital. Golf carts can be a great way to get around after the storm in the event of fallen debris on the roadways, but please exercise caution and safety. To everyone that was affected by Hurricane Ian, we hope you are doing fine, and for the 119 families that lost loved ones, we pray for peace and comfort.

Beach Ride Rental is a locally owned and operated company with the best street-legal golf cart rentals in the Tampa Bay Area. Our goal is to enhance your beach experience by providing an unsurpassed means of mobility and comfort when visiting any of the attractions of the beach cities.

We provide the following:

We have the best golf cart rental prices, and we always prioritize our clients. Our promise has always been to provide the best street-legal golf carts and grant the mobility and sense of freedom that only the feel of the wind in your hair can provide.

Our Pre-Hurricane Prep

In preparation for a hurricane, we ensure that all of our Beach Ride Rental golf cart rentals are well taken care of, and we also ensure the following:

  • The water levels in the batteries are correct, and the cart is fully charged.
  • All the gas carts are filled up, and we keep track of the backup tank.
  • The oil is enough in the gas carts.
  • The carts are all clean.
  • The air pressure in all the tires is correct
  • We also take pictures of the carts in case we may need them for insurance purposes
  • We take pictures of purchase documents, including insurance documents that may be needed after the storm.
  • If possible, we park in the garage and close to buildings if we need to use the golf carts urgently.

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Please contact us if you wish to have a smooth, easy & hassle-free golf cart rental experience. Our Pre-Hurricane Street Legal Cart Prep is the best and will ensure you are always safe. We offer reliable local delivery & pickup, convenient time-saver, and riding around in comfort with room for fun.