Golf carts are essential to any beach vacation and several golf facilities. In addition to offering convenient transportation around golf courses, golf carts have become a common feature in Florida’s communities and resorts. This has increased the number of services providing golf cart rental in Treasure Island.

Just as golf cart usage has several benefits, they also have laws surrounding their use and purchase. This law covers the speed limit during use, traffic laws, and daily operations. That’s why this article answers the question, “how late can you drive a golf cart in Florida?” As well as the risk of not abiding by the daily operation time.


When should Golf Carts be Operated?

According to the Florida statutes governing the use of golf carts, they can only be operated between sunrise and sunset. However, if the government permits its use at dawn, safety precautions must be put in place.

Other Conditions for Driving a Golf Cart in Florida Include the Following:

  • A Golf cart should not be driven by anyone below the age of 14
  • Golf cart operators should cross the state roads only if the posted speed limit is 45 mph or less.
  • Golf carts driven on the sidewalks must yield to pedestrians, and the sidewalk must be at least 5 feet wide.
  • Golf carts driven on the sidewalks must be adjacent to the state or county road.

Risks of Driving Golf Carts at the Wrong Time

Several risks could be faced when the recommended time of golf cart usage is exceeded. These risks are:

  1. As a driver, your view might become compromised precisely during sunrise, as the sun can shine directly into your eyes. This will make it harder to see the road ahead and pose a potential hazard.
  2. At sunset, your eyes will adjust to the changing brightness level, eventually becoming more challenging to recognise dangerous situations.
  3. Natural light is reduced during dusk, making visibility poor and too dark for the golf cart headlights to be 100% effective.
  4. Driving a golf cart is dangerous for the elderly because their vision isn’t quite good, especially at dawn.

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