There is something about the white sandy beaches and the long coastline of the sunshine state. And as the summer season goes full swing, it’s the perfect timing for the beach affair. While the ideal beach outfits are the best sellers for the season, be sure to carry enough sunscreen, a hat, and water to extinguish the fiery weather. While your eyes may appreciate being left in the scenic places, your legs are not looking forward to the ups and downs with masses. You should highly consider Downtown Tampa Golf Cart Rentals for unrivaled comfort and make the most out of your trip. Florida is also known for its delicious cuisines. If you wonder where to drink and eat before embarking on your vacation, we know where!


Grab A Ride From Downtown Tampa Golf Cart Rentals To These Places

The Helm

If you’re a seafood lover, you should pin your location to this quaint market and café. They also serve a variety, as you can show up for a bubbly drink and oysters for the perfect weekend brunch. The lobster roll, she-crab soup, and salmon niçoise are many people’s favorites, and sweet is an understatement for the true experience. You can also take your seafood to the beach with picnic kits and other ready-to-eat offers from the restaurant. Wine and beer are options.


The Seahorse

The Seahorse makes the best flight in the morning hours. Say hello to delicious omelets, Cajun fish, cheese grits, and the Bloody Marys in this beloved eatery. They will also impress you with their cozy interior, shellacked booths, and wood-paneled walls.


DJ’s Clam Shack

Buried on the East Coast and in an Indian Shores strip mall, the restaurant boasts tasty lobster rolls that inspire crowds for the right pick-me-up any hour of your day. Other popular treats from the place include garlic-steamed middle neck clams and conch fritters. A highlight is the mahi-mahi tacos which feature choices of several sides, like sweet potato fries, beer-battered onion rings, and coleslaw.



Mexican food sets the right mood for the beach theme. Go Mexican with some of the best foods in the area at this restaurant. While they are mean with their margaritas, they couldn’t be more perfect. The enchiladas, fish tacos, and chiles en nogada keep people coming back for more.


Caddy’s Treasure Island

There sure has to be some treasure on this island, especially during spring break. Even finding a parking spot during peak hours can be tricky. But it will be worth it when you catch a glimpse of the sunset with your favorite glass in your hand and sandy toes. Its must-have offerings include coconut shrimp, fried seafood platters, and nachos. You can find a better time out of the peak hours and get there with the Street Legal Custom Golf Cart Rentals in Tampa to have the place to yourself if that is possible!

One more just for you…


Spinners Rooftop Grille

If you want to dine and wine with a spectacular view, wheel on the Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals to the Spinners. The recently renovated eatery at the Bellwether Beach Resort is the perfect dinner spot. It features twelve stories and revolves around an unequaled 360-degree view.

A trip to the Pinellas County beaches is definitely worth the effort and the investment. But you can guarantee a smooth experience for the ultimate fun with the Downtown Tampa Golf Cart Rentals. You can ride your way effortlessly without staying behind the masses and traffic jams.