Are you seeking a novel way to explore Clearwater Beach? Look no further than a street-legal golf cart from Beach Ride Rental! 

Our Coastal Golf Carts offer the perfect transportation solution for beach adventures in St. Pete, FL. Whether cruising along the shoreline or dining in style, these carts provide a unique way to immerse yourself in leisure activities while soaking in the coastal charm.

Clearwater Beach Transportation Made Fun

Picture this: the sun kissing your skin, the ocean breeze tousling your hair as you glide along Clearwater Beach in your golf cart. 

This isn’t just transportation; it’s an experience! With Beach Ride Rental’s Coastal Golf Carts, navigating this stunning coastline becomes an adventure. Revel in the convenience of zipping around this vibrant area hassle-free.

Coastal Golf Carts: Your Ticket to Beach Bliss

From the moment you step into our beach transportation solutions, the options for enjoyment open wide. 

Want to make the most of your day? Consider a picturesque beachside picnic. Load your cart with a basket of goodies and head to your favorite spot. Imagine savoring delicious bites with a backdrop of the shimmering ocean – a memory in the making.

Dine and Discover Leisure Activities with Golf Carts

The convenience of a street-legal golf cart extends to dining experiences as well. Explore Clearwater’s culinary gems without the worry of parking. Pull up, hop off, and indulge in delectable local cuisine. 

From waterfront cafes to cozy restaurants, your golf cart provides access to many dining delights.

Retail Therapy on Wheels

Shopping enthusiasts, rejoice! Your golf cart isn’t just for the beach – it’s your chariot for retail therapy. 

Cruise effortlessly from one boutique to another, exploring Clearwater’s eclectic mix of shops. No need to fret about finding parking; your golf cart has you covered.


Sometimes, the sheer pleasure lies in the act of riding. Feel the freedom as you navigate Clearwater’s charming streets and seaside paths with our coastal golf carts. Whether a spontaneous journey or a planned excursion, each ride promises to unveil new sights and experiences.

In conclusion…

A street-legal golf cart from Beach Ride Rental isn’t just a mode of transportation. It’s your ticket to a multifaceted adventure along Clearwater Beach. Embrace the freedom to explore, dine, shop, picnic, and enjoy the beauty of this coastal paradise – all from the comfort of your golf cart.

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