Discover the Best Beaches with Our Coastal Golf Carts

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey along the most scenic beaches of Florida? 

Beach Ride Rental allows you to explore these stunning locales with our coastal golf carts, providing a new perspective on beachside adventures. 

Let’s dive into the best beaches where golf carts are welcomed and what to look for when choosing the perfect beach transportation solutions.

Best Beach Destinations

Clearwater Beach: A Sun-Soaked Paradise

With its powdery white sands and vibrant beach life, Clearwater Beach is a prime destination for golf cart enthusiasts. 

With our Clearwater Beach transportation, you can effortlessly navigate the bustling streets and find secluded spots for a serene beach experience.

Downtown St. Pete: Urban Beach Exploration

Discover the charm of Downtown St. Pete with our golf carts. The area blends urban vibes with beachside allure, offering a unique setting for your leisure activities with golf carts. It’s perfect for those who love a mix of city and sea.

Dunedin: Coastal Charm

Dunedin boasts a laid-back atmosphere and is a hidden gem for golf cart explorers. The quaint streets and friendly locals make it ideal for a relaxed beach day out.

Gulfport Beach: The Artistic Retreat

Gulfport Beach’s artistic vibe is a magnet for those seeking a creative twist to their beach excursions. Our golf carts are your ticket to exploring this colorful and quirky beach town.

Indian Rocks Beach: The Quiet Getaway

If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, Indian Rocks Beach is your go-to destination. With our St. Pete, FL, beach transportation, you can soak in the tranquil ambiance and scenic beauty at your own pace.

Madeira Beach: A Lively Beach Town

Madeira Beach is bustling with activity, making it a fun spot for those who enjoy vibrant beach scenes. Please easily navigate the lively streets and beachfront in our stylish golf carts.

St. Pete Beach: The Classic Florida Experience

St. Pete Beach offers the quintessential Florida beach experience. Our golf carts allow you to cruise along the shorelines, visit local eateries, and enjoy the sunny atmosphere.

Palm Harbor: Nature’s Haven

Palm Harbor is known for its natural beauty and serene landscapes. It’s a beautiful place to explore with a golf cart, especially if you love a blend of greenery and ocean views.

Safety Harbor: The Historical Escape

Safety Harbor’s rich history and charming streets make it a fascinating destination for golf cart adventurers. Experience the town’s heritage leisurely with our beach transportation solutions.

Treasure Island: The Treasure Trove of Beaches

As the name suggests, Treasure Island is a true treasure with its beautiful beaches and inviting atmosphere. It’s an excellent spot for a golf cart excursion, offering adventure and relaxation.

Choosing the Right Golf Cart

When selecting a golf cart for your beachside excursion, consider the following:

  • Comfort and Size: Ensure the golf cart fits your group size and comfort needs. At Beach Ride Rental, we offer 6-seat street-legal golf cart rentals, 8-passenger street-legal golf carts,  and 4-passenger street-legal golf carts
  • Terrain Capability: Some beaches may have varied terrains. Choose a golf cart that can handle sandy and coastal pathways.
  • Rental Terms: Understand the rental terms, including duration, insurance, and safety guidelines.


Embark on a journey like no other with our coastal golf carts. From the bustling Clearwater Beach to the tranquil shores of Indian Rocks Beach, each destination offers a unique adventure. 

At Beach Ride Rental, we provide the perfect beach transportation solutions to make your beachside excursions memorable and fun.

Ready to explore the best of Florida’s beaches? Book with us today. Adventure with our golf carts, and create unforgettable memories! 🌊🛺✨