While on holiday in Tampa, renting a golf cart is inevitable.  They make it fun to move around while enjoying the scenic sights Bay Area Beaches has to offer. In this guide, we look at everything you need to know about renting a golf cart for your next trip to Tampa Bay area beaches.

The growing demand for convenience has made many golf cart rentals open up in Tampa, but you might wonder why you should take the leap to rent one.

Using a golf cart means that you do not have to worry over the hassle of walking through the sand and instead you can move yourself and your luggage quickly across the shifting sands.

This gives you more time to travel to the beach cities and make the most of your vacation. Therefore here are guidelines on how you can go about renting a golf cart during your trip to Tampa Bay Area Beaches.


What You Need To Know

Rental Rules

Before you take the leap to rent a golf cart from any golf cart rental in Tampa, ensure that you meet the threshold age of 21.

In order to rent any golf cart in Tampa Bay Area Beaches, you need to be 21 years or older and own a driver’s license, a credit card as well as an auto insurance policy. This ensures that you are qualified and can be held accountable for damages incurred during an accident.

Additionally, most Tampa golf cart rentals require that drivers must be 16 years or older and own a valid driver’s license.

Vehicle Regulations

Similar to driving a car or a motorcycle, golf carts also have rules that you need to follow. Once you rent a golf cart, you can only operate them on streets and highways where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour.

You should also ensure that the golf cart rental shop in Tampa that you visit gives you a cart that is equipped with headlamps, tail lamps, reflex reflectors, seat belts, and a vehicle identification number.

Operating a cart devoid of the aforementioned poses a safety risk and you can be fined for not sticking to the safety regulations.


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