When on vacation, you should never worry about dragging or carrying coolers and chairs to the beach. It would be best to spend less time carrying luggage and more time relaxing on the beach. Whether you need to rent a 4-person or a 6-person LSV golf cart, we ensure convenience and fun for your vacation. Luckily, we have three reasons you should rent an LSV golf cart on the beach.


Convenient For Beach Trips

Using an LSV golf cart on the beach will ensure your car stays clean and sand-free. Getting your kids and gear to the beach using the LSV golf cart will be easy, convenient, and fun. When you rent an LSV golf cart for the beach, they are chosen for their quality and durability. Although the cart cannot go onto the beach because it does not have off-road capabilities, it can be parked on any standard parking spot. You should always ensure you park in a legal spot to avoid getting a ticket. The clearwater golf cart rentals are street-legal vehicles.

Beach ride rentals will ensure that your golf cart is directly delivered to your location, and once you are through with your vacation, we will pick it up. We are committed to providing exceptional service so you can focus on enjoying your vacation.


Experience Ultimate Freedom

Riding the Clearwater golf cart rentals will let you feel the warmth of the sun and open air all around you. Golf carts on the beach give you an exciting and unique perspective on the scenery. You can cruise on any public road with a signage speed limit of 35mph or less. The speed limit included many roads throughout Clearwater beach. Clearwater golf carts are equipped with lights to allow you to drive at night.


Good For The Environment

LSV golf carts are electric, and this means they are eco-friendly. Plug your cart into any standard outlet overnight, and you will be ready to ride your golf cart to the beach first thing in the morning. Our carts are easy to use with little to no experience, and you will enjoy the ultimate ride. You will be able to save on fuel and enjoy your vacation due to the carts being electric.


Final Thoughts

We prioritize our customers and ensure customer satisfaction by providing the best street-legal golf cart on the beach. At Beach Ride Rental we strive to simplify vacation for you and your family. Contact Beach Ride Rental today to reserve and access the best LSV golf carts on the beach.